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Life is never simple for our favorite wall-crawlling hero, but it's about to get a lot more complicated. When Norman Osborn returns unexpectedly from the rehabilitation clinic, his sinister...

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original title: The Green Goblin's Last Stand

genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Sci-Fi


imdb: 4.7

duration: 46min


budget: $500

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Life is never simple for our favorite wall-crawlling hero, but it's about to get a lot more complicated. When Norman Osborn returns unexpectedly from the rehabilitation clinic, his sinister alter ego threatens to come back as well. With his spider-sense set on overdrive, Peter Parker races to keep Osborn at ease before his anxiety propels him into Spider-Man's deadliest foe... The Green Goblin. In my opinion it's one of the best fan films out there. Basically I would say that it started the whole fan film trend, for fans to make a film of their favorite character(s) or movie(s) or anything. What they like to see, or how they think they would've made it better, etc. It's a interesting thing. But just like Dan Poole here, he treated the source material with a lot of respect and passion; He is the "ultimate fan" as many claims him to be. And this film certainly shows it, but not just the film, but the actor who was playing the wall-crawler. The stunts, the effort, the journey he had to go through for this was amazing. He did it all just to get the "shot" for the film. And the shots were done so seamlessly. I felt like I was watching a big budget film. And this movie had no budget to start with at all! The plot is based off from Gwen's death and the Green Goblin's Last Stand storyline back in Amazing Spider-Man issues #121 and #122 by Gerry Conway and Gil Kane. Dan Poole adapts, directs, and acts in this film so amazingly. Everyone else was just along for the ride to capture this story on camera.

I watched the 'Making of' along with the movie on the DVD and the 4 min. trailer that was originally for James Cameron, when he originally was attached to the "Spider-Man" movie. But Mr. Cameron never saw that trailer. But speaking of the documentary of this film, it was so great and so inspiring. Anytime I watch it, I feel like I should grab a camera and start filming and it doesn't matter what it is. If I think it's right, then others will probably think so too.

But enough about the documentary and myself. Overall, I love this film. I love it to death! (Well maybe not, but I'm trying to express my point, lol.) Jimi Kinstle stands out well, and such a wonderful experienced actor too. The way he portrayed the Goblin was exactly how I would imagined it if I were reading the old issues of the comic books right now. Dan Poole as Spider-Man, no wait, IS Spider-Man, and the direction he took for the film was just perfect.

Although it may seem really good but there were some parts I didn't like in it too well. Mainly it was because at some points it was too campy and the dialogue can be very 'cheesy' as well. But it worked and it was in it's element. If not great, but it was good that it had those stuff. It's what made the comic books back then the way they are and the reason why we, as fans, fell in love with the comic book series in the first place. So Dan pretty much did it so well.

As for everyone else on the cast and crew was very great and their input for this film helped it a lot and improved it more to be what many has said, "The best fan film ever." And I think it still is.

Such an amazing film, and a grateful live-action tribute to one of the greatest superheroes of all time. And a wonderful plot to go along with it. Dan and his crew did an excellent job, and I don't know how in any way I could express that more then I already had. I guess what they say is true; That dreams do come true. Even when this film is said and done, Dan Poole is still living the dream. No matter what, he will always be Spider-Man. Because he is Spider-Man.

"With great power there must also come great responsibility!" -Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962) This is a great indy film based on the best Spiderman comic storyline. The thing was shot with no CG on a barebones budget and, despite this, its still very cool and entertaining. Its certainly not as good as Raimi's Spiderman 2 (which is, in my opinion, easily the best comic film yet) but I actually prefer it to Spiderman 1. Despite the lack of CG, the acrobatics actually work fairly well and the action seems often more authentic than CG. One key strength the film has is the actor who plays the Green Goblin. The guy delivers a deliciously appropriate over the top performance that really captures the character (even the voice is absolutely perfect) in ways that Dafoe doesn't quite match. Poole does a nice job as Spiderman too. He is not as good as Toby McGuire but does manage to deliver a solid performance and, again, his acrobatics were a real strength.

Of course, being such a low budget picture, it does run into a few snags. The most noticeable foible is that the Green Goblin doesn't fly very convincingly. Also, the film is short (only 50 minutes) and as such does not go into a great deal of character development. Poole stated in an interview he wishes he would have cut out the restaurant scene. I disagree. He needed more scenes like that. As is, the story works well but I would certainly have opened the picture with the set of scenes better detailing the death of Gwen's father (perhaps tying it into how the Osborne was committed) and her resulting hate of Spiderman. Still, it is a fine picture and Dan Poole should be proud of his efforts. It is a shame Marvel has not seen fit to make use of Poole's talents in some fashion as I would love to see a big budget film benefit from his creative influence.


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